Deeply Rooted Hip Hop Covers "Skunkz Ft Skunkz"

Over the past week No Stable Label has partnered with one of the best independent platforms to magnify the Skunkz Ft Skunkz; our collaboration with Deeply Rooted Hip Hop is based not only on a mutual love for the NSL General's art, but a healthy respect for the culture and people who help guide it into the future. Believing that DRHH embodies these principles, it's a no brainer to work with author, editor and founder P80 Parks to roll out our release to the masses. After receiving a level of press and buzz that wasn't achieved during our previous campaigns we'd call it a rousing success, with the crown jewel being the sit down between Skunkz and Parks. Click the image below to get familiar with one of the best publications in the game.


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