As time pass by on this road to riches, I thank my n***** in the sky for these goals I'm hittin” - Skunkz

— Road To Riches

Boston's Very Own

Skunkz: Lyricist, Entreprenuer and Dreamer

Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard; what happens when a musician has both talent and work ethic in spades? The possibilities are limitless for the unstoppable Dorchester lyricist Skunkz. Believing in authenticity and skill Skunkz has no issues with what he's crafting on wax, the only question is will the industry be prepared for an artist who brings a solid foundation of grit, determination, and vivid pen work. With a dedication to legacy and integrity usually only found in artists with a decade more experience, Skunkz is dedicated to providing quality as opposed to quantity to create an experience listeners can find comfort and inspiration from for years to come.


Insomniac Magazine’s Weekly Hip Hop Top Ten 2/15/21 Featuring Our Own Skunkz

Deeply Rooted Hip Hop Covers "Skunkz Ft Skunkz" 

Over the past week No Stable Label has partnered with one of the best independent platforms to magnify the Skunkz Ft Skunkz; our collaboration with Deeply Rooted Hip Hop is based not only on a mutual love for the NSL General's art, but a healthy respect for the culture and people who help guide it into the future. Believing that DRHH embodies these principles, it's a no brainer to work with author, editor and founder P80 Parks to roll out our release to the masses. After receiving a level of press and buzz that wasn't achieved during our previous campaigns we'd call it a rousing success, with the crown jewel being the sit down between Skunkz and Parks. Click the image below to get familiar with one of the best publications in the game.


Salute To Insomniac Magazine!!! 

Our friends at Insomniac Magazine showed a lot of love this week, starting with supporting the debut single "NOSTABLELABEL". They also showed much support for the visual! Here's a link to the post regarding our video. Click the image!




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Great White From Where Is Skunkz?

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